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Bald Wisdom » Blog Archive » Debut of the DuckyBots!


Kevin created a new project type for this year’s Cambridge Mini Maker Faire. In his Post Faire Recap, he says:

The idea for duckybots started from a conversation at the Boston Robotics Meetup with Meredith Garniss.  In addition to trying to involve kids in robotics, we thought it would be good to inspire the adult robotics crew to create for kids.

Programs like FIRST robotics, and school programs are already full of people interested in STEM and robotics, and we wanted to find something that would turn kids on to the joys of Science and Engineering.

DuckyBots was total crowdbait. Kids and adults were thronged around the booth modding and testing robotic ducks until we had to take the pond away, pack up the motors and put the yellow duckies into their little nests for the night.

Check out Kevin’s comprehensive update on participating in Cambridge Mini Maker Faire for more details.