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I lasered my lunch!

After watching The Last Leaf in video form, I had a hankering for lasered lunch.
Why? Because.Well.Lasers!

While I was interested in the video from Ok Go already, I’ve seen it a few more times in the past week since danger!awesome exhibited at Cambridge Mini Maker Faire.

On Friday evening, I ran into Nadeem at Artisan’s Asylum for a presentation by the Awesome Foundation. We talked briefly about the video. One of the most powerful things he said was

We realized from doing that video that we can do anything. Even if we don’t know how. We can assemble a team of people and do it.

If you don’t know how, that shouldn’t stop you from getting started.

As lunchtime approached, It occurred to me that there was some nice bread on my sandwich. Nice, laserable bread. I made some letters, arranged the sandwich on the bed, adjusted the placement, and gave it a try.

While I was lasering up my lunch, some students stopped by to work on projects in my classroom. They got a kick out of it. I took a few photos because, well, I was going to eat the evidence. As the next class of students came in, I showed the pictures. Word does travel fast, since a few students into the group, one of them told me he had already heard about my Sammich Experiment.

This brings out the importance of meeting other makers. We need to see each other’s work, hear the stories of creation, and inspire each other. Seeing what somebody else did can cause each of us to reach to new ideas in our own creative work, which can influence the important creative work of others. I showed my lasered lunch project to a few people, and it got some of them thinking about their own projects. Pass it on!


danger!awesome at Cambridge Mini Maker Faire

After producing the music video for OkGo’s song The Last Leaf, Nadeem and Ali had 3,000 pieces of toast and three laser cutters. Knowing that not everybody has access to rapid fabrication tools, they created danger!awesome, a laser cutting and fabrication workshop in Central Square, Cambridge. If you have an idea, and it doesn’t yet exist in this world, they might be able to help you make it real.

Ali says:

danger!awesome is a project of mine and Nadeem’s; our goal is to bring high-end fabrication equipment to the public for art, customization, and personal fabrication.  Our laser cutters are left over from a project that we did with OkGo.  We’re teaming up with artists and the generally clever to make interesting things. On Friday we’re planning on bringing business cards, samples of materials that we can work with, and a few geeky items.

Come meet them, see examples of projects made in their shop and find out how you could design some awesome of your own at this Friday’s Cambridge Mini Maker Faire from Noon to 4 pm.

For a bit more information on danger!awesome, you might check out this article in DigBoston, or this one behind the paywall at the Boston Herald.

Admission to the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire is free. Come join us to meet great people and see amazing projects from noon to 4pm on Friday, April 20th at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.  The CMMF is sponsored by Artisan’s Asylum, and is timed to coincide with the Cambridge Science Festival Carnival.

Getting there: The Cambridge Mini Maker Faire is held at 449 Broadway, site of the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. The Cambridge Science Festival site has a map of the area with details on other events at the Carnival. Limited parking is available beneath the Cambridge Public Library, and under the tennis courts on Ellery Street.