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Stompy at Artisans Asylum

Gui has been scheming about big giant rideable bugs. Again.

Note the two seats side by side. This is no solo ride.
You may be confused as to how large this robot is. The distance between the centers of the two middle legs, folks, is currently 17 feet. That’s about a lane of traffic… and a half. The bottom of the frame is over 6 feet off the ground.

Stompy is being hatched at Artisan’s Asylum as a series of classes.


Bald Wisdom » Blog Archive » Debut of the DuckyBots!


Kevin created a new project type for this year’s Cambridge Mini Maker Faire. In his Post Faire Recap, he says:

The idea for duckybots started from a conversation at the Boston Robotics Meetup with Meredith Garniss.  In addition to trying to involve kids in robotics, we thought it would be good to inspire the adult robotics crew to create for kids.

Programs like FIRST robotics, and school programs are already full of people interested in STEM and robotics, and we wanted to find something that would turn kids on to the joys of Science and Engineering.

DuckyBots was total crowdbait. Kids and adults were thronged around the booth modding and testing robotic ducks until we had to take the pond away, pack up the motors and put the yellow duckies into their little nests for the night.

Check out Kevin’s comprehensive update on participating in Cambridge Mini Maker Faire for more details.

Shane Colton at Cambridge Mini Maker Faire

Shane Colton is an MIT student with a fun collection of projects to show off at the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire, this Friday April 20 from noon to 4pm. Last year, Shane brought his Pneu Scooter and Twitch projects. If you’ve ever wondered about ideal components and designs for a quadcopter or an ultralight electric go kart, you might come this Friday to chat him up on the subject.

Shane will be showing his quadcopter 4PCB, which derives much of its structure from the circuit board controlling the device.

After helping out with a previous quadrotor build, I wanted to make a smaller one and combine the electronics and structure into a single board. The most important part to find was a surface-mountable brushless motor control IC. Luckily, the TB6588FG does the job nicely, taking the place of hobby ESCs and the associated wiring. It also has better dynamic performance than hobby ESCs, since it uses an analog speed command instead of RC-style 20ms PWM.

You can follow Shane’s work on his blog, which is worth visiting, if only to check out the well curated collection of links on the right rail.

Admission to the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire is free. Come join us to meet great people and see amazing projects from noon to 4pm on Friday, April 20th at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.  The CMMF is sponsored by Artisan’s Asylum, and is timed to coincide with the Cambridge Science Festival Carnival.

Getting there: The Cambridge Mini Maker Faire is held at 449 Broadway, site of the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. The Cambridge Science Festival site has a map of the area with details on other events at the Carnival. Limited parking is available beneath the Cambridge Public Library, and under the tennis courts on Ellery Street.